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This community is for people who are sick of reading the regular Good Charlotte and Mest stories out there and are looking for something a little different. Here you can post stories about bands that are not written a lot about or cross overs from different bands. As long as the pairing is not done to death you can post it here. We're not limiting it to pairs either. There are not enough threesomes so if you wish to post threesomes they will be welcomed. Pictures and posts discusing something relevent will also be welcomed


1. Please put in the subject line the title of the story and the pairing used in the story

2. When posting a story, please post it in the following format:
-Authors notes or any other information

3. After that, place your story behind a cut or as a link to another page containing your story.

4. Any other posts not containing a story should not be too off topic

5. When you read a story in this community, please try to review it.