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What the fuck is wrong with us?


Application is Here
Taken Characters and Screen Names

The world has ended. Where will your story begin?


The basic theme is this:
The world ended almost 20 years ago, however this is taking place current time [[so it happened some time in the 80's]], in a surge of natural disasters that left the planet infertile and barren. Many parts of the world were lost to hurricanes and tsunamis, while the majority of the United States went down in flames. Almost the entire human population was eliminated, as well as a large chunk of the animal life. The humans that survived, have begun to rebuild and start over. The humans, some of them have been effected strangely by the change of the planet, and have developed 'paranormal' powers. Not all, but it is significant enough to where it must be mentioned. [[Like I said, not everyone has these powers, so don't feel obligated to create a power for your character. It is merely an option]]

This RP will take place in the United States, in Philadelphia. Like I said, the country was mostly destroyed by fire. Though life is starting to take hold again, it is unstable. Class systems are forming, with a distinct upper class, who control the money and the majority of the high paying jobs. There is also a middle class, who can't seem to get ahead, and are stuck living in the broken down houses that the upper class helps to provide. Then there are the lower class, who are stuck to sleeping under bridges and live their lives by the skin of their teeth.

Things like cars, and other luxuries do exist (this also includes things like alcohol, drugs, and housing). However, they are only available to the upper class. The middle and lower class can obtain them, but it's the upper class that distributes it. This is due mostly to the fact that the resources are so limited, and the upper class holds all the power.

There is no distinct authority other than the class system. This leaves room for crime bosses and drug lords to run wild. While there are police, they are corrupt and easily swayed for the most part. Businesses are established, but who can you really trust in a world that is constantly at war within itself?
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