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One Horrible Night (I Killed Ryan J.)

Title: One Horrible Night (I Killed Ryan J.)
Author: myownoddworld 
Pairings: Joey "Thunderpants"/ Danny Stevens
Summary: Horrible events occur one night after Joey accidentally hit Ryan J. with his car while leaving a party. He took his hands away from his face as he watched as Nate tried to wake his dead friend. “Ryan, RYAN! Wake up please, you can’t be dead. YOU CAN’T BE FUCKING DEAD!” The others tried to quiet him down, to soothe his emotions, but Nate was having none of that. Standing up, Nate glared at Joey. “You, you killed him!”
Rating: PG-13
Beta: Me, Myself, and I. So if it has horrible grammar it's all on me.
Disclaimer: I don't own any of this, and i'm very happy i don't.


It was a night like any other for Joey; get off work, change clothes, and go out and party with some friends. Little did he know that some interesting events were going to unfold this night; his secret dream would come true, and his worst nightmare too. Tonight was the night Ryan J. died.


Joey tapped his fingers nervously on the table as he tried to avoid looking at the police officer directly in the eye. He didn’t trust himself not to freak and crumble underneath the hard gaze of the officer across from him. Taking a deep breath, he slowly raised his eyes to look at the cops face across from him to answer his question. “I was at a friend’s party drinking, having fun with the people there. I swear to god I didn’t know that he was behind my car…”


12 hours earlier

Joey’s eyes were only slightly blurry as he stepped off of Sean Van Vleets porch to head for his car parked in his driveway. Fumbling for his keys in his pocket, he pulled them out in triumph and inserted the key into the driver’s side door. His night had been interesting, and nerve racking. Trust Van Vleet to invite the one person that Joey was trying his hardest not to run into all the time.

He wasn’t sure when he started liking Danny Stevens, all he knew was that one day, out of the blue, the feelings just appeared, and he didn’t know what to do with them. It’s hard on a friendship when you like said friend in the relationship, which was the reason why he was getting in his car and going home.

Sighing, Joey turned the key in the ignition and shifted into drive. His mind was so preoccupied as he was pulling out, that he completely missed the fact that there was something behind his car, and not just something, Ryan J.

Joey pressed down on the breaks and shifted into park. Sighing, he got out of his car to see what he had hit. His body began to shake as he saw a foot, then a leg as he moved to stand directly behind his car. He started to hyperventilate when he saw that the leg was indeed attached to a body. “Holy shit! Please don’t be dead.”

Joey turned to the house and ran back to get someone to help him with whomever it was he had hit. Coming to a halt in the living room he started to gasp for air. People crowded around him as they tried to figure out what was wrong with him. “I…think…I killed Ryan J.”

Nobody believed him till he took them out to the back of his car to show them the body. Crouching down, Seth Johnson looked at him. “Yep, it certainly looks like you killed him.” Groaning, Joey pressed his face into his hands and started shaking his head. He was shoved out of the way violently as Nate came through to look at his friend.

He took his hands away from his face as he watched as Nate tried to wake his dead friend. “Ryan, RYAN! Wake up please, you can’t be dead. YOU CAN’T BE FUCKING DEAD!” The others tried to quiet him down, to soothe his emotions, but Nate was having none of that. Standing up, Nate glared at Joey. “You, you killed him!” Tears started to fall down his cheeks as he moved back into the house.

Standing up, Seth walked up to Joey and thumped him on the back, “Good job pal.” People mumbled their agreement as they walked back into the house and left Joey alone to deal with what he had done.

Groaning, Joey threw up his hands in frustration, “What the hell am I going to do?” He jumped as he felt a light tap on his shoulder. Turning slightly, Joey gazed into Danny’s blue eyes “Hey man, we need to do something with him.”

“What do you mean?”

Danny gestured his hand towards Ryan’s limp body. “We need to hide his body or something, maybe put him in your trunk or something till we figure out what we should do.”

Joey stared back at Danny, it was a good idea. He just wasn’t sure how he felt about having a dead body in the trunk of his car. There was just something about driving around with a dead body in his trunk that freaked him out, but until they figured out what they were going to do with Ryan’s body, it was the only place to put him.

Glancing back down at Ryan’s body, Joey gave in. “Okay, let’s do this.”


Joey sat on the couch with a cold beer in hand and sighed; moving Ryan into his trunk was not an easy task, and he was kind of tired from his work.

“Dude, he is one heavy bastard.”

Joey glanced over at Danny’s slightly slumped figure next to him and nodded his head as he took a sip of his beer. He was trying his hardest to not do anything stupid towards his friend, but his common sense was on vacation and Danny smelled so good.

“…go out and bury his body in the woods or something, or possibly place his body…”

Joey was looking at Danny’s mouth, he knew it was moving and that the other was talking, but all he could think about was how his lips might feel against his. Shaking his head slightly, he glanced back up to Danny’s eyes to see that he was giving him a curious look.


Smiling crookedly at him, Joey took another sip of his beer to gather his thoughts and put them back on safe ground. “I think we should just drop him off at the hospital, let them deal with him.”

Danny’s smile blinded Joey; it was so dazzling and mesmerizing. He wasn’t sure how he could smile and no one wouldn’t stop and just stare, then again he was pretty sure that no one loved Danny like he did.

Danny stopped talking when he realized that Joey wasn’t paying attention to what he was saying. He’s been noticing that Joey’s been looking at him differently; he really hoped that meant he was starting to think of him as more than a friend. This would be a good thing, considering that it’s been his goal for the past couple of years. There was just something about British red heads that did it for him.

Smiling softly at him, Danny tried not to laugh at Joey’s dreamy look. “Um Joey? Is there something you want to say?”

Joey started blushing as he realized that Danny had noticed him staring at him. “Um errr….”

“Police in the house everyone!”

Joey didn’t even think about just being calm and staying where he was. He just jumped up and grabbed Danny’s hand as he ran out the back door to his waiting car. Fumbling around in his pockets in frustration, he slammed his hand on the hood of his car.

“Fuck! Where did I put my keys?”

At the sound of jingling, Joey turned his head to see Danny dangling his keys towards him. Smiling at his stupidity, he grabbed them and unlocked his car for the both of them. Shifting into drive, he floored it out of the drive way and drove away; constantly looking over his shoulder to make sure they weren’t being followed by the police.

“Slow down Joey!”

Speeding around another corner, Joey completely ignored what Danny had said and pulled into an empty lot on the outskirts of the city. The fact that they were even in the out skirts of the city just told you how fast he had been driving.

Turning of the ignition, Joey got out of the car and slammed the door. Rounding the hood, he kicked the front of it. “Fuck!”

Danny opened his door and stepped out to try and calm Joey down.

“Joey, it’s not that bad. Chill man.”

Joey turned his eyes towards Danny, “Not that bad? The cops were probably called because someone spotted us putting Ryan’s body in the trunk of my car. Don’t you get it Danny? We’re probably fugitives!”

Danny tried really hard not to smile over Joeys reaction to the whole mess, the more probable reason for the reason why the cops were called was because they were being too loud, not because someone saw them putting Ryan J’s body in Joey’s trunk.

“I highly doubt we’re fugitives Joey, if you feel so bad about having his body in your trunk why don’t we drop it off at the hospital and just leave town?”

Joey beamed at Danny and went over and wrapped the other man in his arms and squeezed him tight. “That’s a good idea! What would I do without you?”

Danny relaxed in his arms and wrapped his own around the younger man; inhaling his fragrance just a little to hold close to his heart. Sighing, he dropped his arms and stepped back and smiled at him, “You’d probably go insane.”

Looking at him, Joey nodded his head as he headed around to the driver side door. He probably would go insane.


Danny was barely paying attention to Joey as the other drove silently down the streets to get back to his place; his thoughts were only on how good it felt to have held Joey in his arms. He had promised himself years ago when they had become friends that he wouldn’t do anything to pressure Joey; that he wouldn’t make any advances on him, and it had been hard not to.

A part of him had raged about Joey dating other people when he should have been dating him, whenever Joey had cried he had wanted to strangle the person who had made him let loose those precious tears.

Lately though, lately he’d been noticing a change in Joey’s behavior. He wasn’t sure what it meant, no he knew what it meant; he just didn’t want to get his hopes up.

Danny looked out the window of the car as they approached Joey’s apartment. The light from the cars headlights hit the sidewalk to reveal furniture and clothing tossed half-hazardly anywhere and everywhere. The car slowed down and crawled to a stop along the piles of some ones items.

“Hey, that’s my couch.”

Danny glanced over at Joey to see shock register across his face as he realized that his landlord had kicked him out.

“That asshole kicked me out! He can’t do that!”

Taking his hand, Danny grabbed Joey’s arm before he could get out and do something stupid. “Its okay man, we’ll just go to my place and get some things and we’ll call someone to come pick up your stuff and put it in a storage locker.”

Joey was literally vibrating in anger over this predicament, he had paid all his bills and he had not gotten a notice about being kicked out. He could sue these people if he wanted to. “Fine, we will. I never liked this place to begin with.”

Danny didn’t want to point out the fact that he had in fact, loved this place. He was smart though, and decided not to say anything to him; he didn’t want to piss Joey off even more then he was already.


Joey was still fuming over the fact that he had been kicked out of his apartment by his land lord when he noticed the red and blue lights flashing behind him. “Oh shit!”

Danny glanced out the rearview mirror and froze; they were being pulled over by the police. “Joey, you need to pull over.”

Slowing down to a complete stop on the side of the road, Joey tried to breathe evenly and lower his heart rate. He was trying in vain to not freak out and was pretty sure that all the calming techniques in the world wouldn’t help.

The time it took for the officer to get out of his car and approach Joey’s driver side window seemed to have lasted years. During that time, Joey’s mind kept tossing around all the possibilities for being pulled over. Did the officer see them put Ryan’s body in his trunk? Was his car seen leaving the party? Was a part of Ryan’s body hanging out of his trunk? Did the trunk of his car fly open and everyone could see the body lying in there? The possibilities were endless, and he was driving himself insane thinking about them.

A tap on the glass of his window drew him out of his thoughts. Glancing out the window, Joey smiled hesitantly as he rolled down his window to talk to the officer. “Good-d-d evening Officer, how may I help you?”

The officer just stood there looking at him, not saying anything at all as to why he was pulled over. Joey was pretty sure the officer knew he had a dead guy in the back of his car. He felt the tears coming to his eyes, trying to force their way out to the open, fresh air. He tried furiously to calm himself down so the officer didn’t know that there was something wrong.

“Son, are you okay?”

Joey started to panic, he didn’t know what to say him, should he tell the truth or should he lie? Thankfully, Danny came to his rescue.

“He just got kicked out of his apartment without a notice; he’s a little shook up officer.”

The officer nodded his head and gave a small smile in sympathy.

“Okay then, anyways, are you aware that one of your front headlights is out?”

Something tense within Joey relaxed; he almost wept with the knowledge that it was the fact that his headlight was broken and not the dead body in the trunk of his car. “No officer, I wasn’t aware of that fact.”

“Well, I’m going to have to ask for your license and registration so I can write you a ticket.”

Joey nodded his head in compliance and dug around in his pockets for his license. Pulling it out, he took the registration form that Danny had in his hand, and offered it to the officer.

Joey smiled as the officer turned to go back to his car to write up the ticket. Glancing over at Danny, his grin became wider.

They both sat in silence as they waited for the officer to come back and give Joey the ticket. Nothing was said, but they both felt each other’s relief at just getting a ticket and not something else.

At the sound of the officer approaching the car again, they both wiped the smiles off their faces and tried to seem nonchalant.

The officer stood there telling Joey what he should do with the ticket and what time he should get it paid off before he would be called into court for it. He really just wanted the officer to leave so they could be on their way.

As he was thinking it the officer nodded and headed back to his car, they both watched in silence as the officer started his car and drove off. The silence only lasted a few seconds before they both erupted with their own thoughts.

“Did you think we were going to get caught?”

“Damn Joey, you need to work on your poker face.”

“I seriously thought the guy knew.”

“Thank god it was only the headlight.”

Joey nodded his head at Danny’s last comment; he too was glad that it had just been the headlight. Sighing in relief, he started the car and drove off. “So where’s the nearest car parts store?”


Danny fidgeted as he sat in the car waiting for Joey to come back out. They still had Ryan’s body in the trunk and they really needed to drop the sucker off. Plus, he didn’t want another cop pulling them over or something; once was bad enough.

He was so into his thoughts that he jumped when Joey’s phone went off.


He could here sobbing in the background as he waited for the person on the other end to speak.

“Is Joseph there?”

His heart plummeted at the sound of Mr. Thunders voice. He knew that whatever Joey’s father was going to say was going to be bad, and most likely would break a part of Joey’s heart.

“No Mr. Thunder, Joey isn’t here. He went to go buy a bulb for one of his headlights on his car. I could tell him to call you back if you want?”

There was a slight pause on the other end as Mr. Thunder cleared his throat, “No, that’s alright Danny. I want you to be with him when you tell him this, don’t let him go off by himself, you hear me?”

Danny nodded his head before he realized that Joeys father couldn’t see him. “Yes, I hear you sir.”

 “That’s good, that’s really good. I’m sorry Danny that I have to leave you with dealing with the after math of this news when you tell Joey, I should really be there when he hears about it, but I still have so many things I have to deal with here…”

Danny heard the sigh on the other end of the phone; he had never known a time where Joey’s father had acted like this. Not in all the years that he had known the British ginger. “Sir?”

“I’m sorry, the thing is, his grandmother died about a half hour ago from a heart attack…”

Danny sat up straighter in his seat as he started to listen more intently to Joey’s father. He wanted to get the facts straight before he told Joey, just so he would know how to comfort him afterwards.


Joey had bought the light bulb and replaced the old one without any problems surfacing. He was surprised that no one stopped him to question him, then again he just be paranoid.

Smiling, Joey got into to his seat and reached for his keys to start the ignition. “Wow, that was far easier than I thought it would be. I really thought there would be a bolo or something out on us…”

Joey stopped as he saw the look on Danny’s face, almost as if he was bracing himself against some unknown danger, and that had him worried. Dropping the keys into the cup holder, Joey reached his hand out to lightly touch Danny’s cheek.

“Danny, what’s wrong?”

Danny gazed into Joey’s worried eyes, he couldn’t bear to tell him the news that his favorite grandmother had just died of a heart attack. He had promised though, and he always kept his word.

Inhaling shakily, Danny took Joey’s hand in his and looked him straight in the eyes.

“Joey, your dad just called. Your grandmother just died.”

Joey inhaled sharply as he searched Danny’s eyes, trying to see if what he had just said was the truth, and not some practical joke.

The first few tears started falling as he realized that Danny was telling the truth, that there was no lie in his eyes.


Danny wanted to wrap the younger boy up in his arms and hold him close; each tear that fell down his cheeks tore a small hole in his heart. He knew though, that Joey wouldn’t accept any kind of comfort till he had all the facts.

“Nobody thought anything was wrong with her, she was complaining a bit about chest pains but she waved everybody off saying it was nothing. By the time anybody realized what was happening, it was too late. Your dad and mom were with her when she collapsed, the ambulance arrived, but it she was too far gone. There was nothing they could do.”

The tears came faster down his cheeks as he cried, Joey climbed over the gear shift and settled himself in Danny’s lap and wept.

Danny wrapped his arm around Joey and pressed his face into the other boy’s hair and rocked him as much as being seated in a car could allow. Whispering all the while in his ear that everything would be all right, that he was here for him and he wasn’t going anywhere.

It literally tore him to pieces to see Joey like this.

Eventually the shuddering and Joey’s tears stopped. Danny lifted his head to look down at the others face, wondering if Joey was shoving everything back for a later time, and knowing that if he did it would be much worse later.

“Hey, you okay?”

Joey took his hands and wiped his eyes; moving out of Danny’s arms he picked up the keys that he had placed in the cup holder. Without looking at him, Joey started the car, “Yea, I’m fine; so your place right?”


Joey pulled into the banks parking lot and rested his head against his seat as he turned off his car. The sun was just setting, and he still had to go in and extract some money from his bank account and get the hell out of dodge.

He was just so tired.

“Joey? Do you want me to go in with you?”

Joey opened his eyes and lifted his head up to look over at Danny, worry clearly written all over the others face.

He smiled to try and cheer the other up, “Yeah, I do.”

Getting out of the car, Joey looked in at the doors of the bank and sighed, this would be the last stop for them while they were in town.

Danny approached the banks doors and held it open for Joey, indicating with his other hand that he should go in. Closing the door behind him, Danny turned and smiled at Joey, “I’ll be over there.”

Joey nodded his head absently and got in line, he was just so tired.

It was always the same in banks in the big cities, the long lines just to get up to the person behind the desk. The expensive interiors of the places always made him want to stop and stare.

Joey didn’t register the screams or the muffled shouting as he continued zoning. He was too lost in his thoughts for the danger that was going on around him. So oblivious in fact, that he didn’t register the person that the bank robber was holding at gun point.

“I said drop to the fucking floor sir!”

Joey snapped out of his daze to look at the guy in the ski mask, fear started bubbling within him as he saw the gun. Cold fury soon replaced it as he saw who it was that the gun man was holding; he completely lost it.

“That is it! Do you know how bad my day has been so far? I was drunk at a party and accidentally ran one of my friends over with my car! Guess where he is now? In my trunk! Then I get pulled over by a police officer for having a broken headlight! All the while thinking that the guy was on to the fact I had a dead body in my car! I find out that I was kicked out of my apartment without a notice and that my favorite grandmother died! Now here you are, holding a gun up against the head of the man I love, that is just fucking it!”

During his whole tirade, the gun man moved the gun slightly away from the man he was holding and started backing away from the furious red head in front of him. The fire leaping within the other mans eyes was enough to have him start to sweat.

“Just get on the grou..”

Joey stopped yelling at the guy, stunned to see the gunman collapse to the floor, not moving. Shifting his eyes, he glanced over at Danny. Walking over to him, he flung his arms around the other man and buried his face against him.

Danny was still shaking slightly from the adrenaline rush, but he was speechless at the words that Joey had said not even a few seconds earlier. Burying his head into Joey’s hair, he inhaled.


“I love you too.”


Present time

Joey stopped his tale and glanced nervously at the officer across from him. Bouncing his leg while he waited for what his punishment would be.

Taking a last sip of his coffee, the officer leaned back and looked at the young man across from him. It seemed like he’d had a rough day, but there was one thing he needed to straighten out for him.

“The friend you had in the trunk of your car? He’s not dead; he just suffered from a concussion and a few minor brakes. He’s perfectly fine.”

A few tears plopped down Joey’s cheeks as he looked at the officer across from him, “W-wh-what?”

“You’re free to go, and maybe next time you get drunk you’ll decide to not drive yes?”

Nodding his head, Joey got up and stumbled his way out of the room where he had been held. As soon as he entered the lobby he searched frantically for Danny. Upon spotting him sleeping in a chair, he walked over and shook the older man awake, “Hey, Danny wake up. We can go home.”

Danny wearily blinked his eyes at Joey, and smiled a soft smile at the younger boy. “Finally, I’ve wanted to take you home for some time now.”

Smiling shyly at him, Joey linked his fingers with Danny’s, and knew that a perfect ending to horrible day.


One Month Later…

Joey watched as Sean and Tom laughed and danced together, and wondered how long it would be till they got together, or what it would take. It was while he was thinking these thoughts that he felt a pair of arms wrap around his waist.

Turning around, Joey smiled up at Danny.

“Having any fun?”

Danny bent down and placed a kiss on Joey’s lips; leaning his forehead against Joey, he tried to soak up the feeling of having him in his arms; something he hadn’t been able to do a couple of months ago.

“Hey guys!”

Lifting his head from Joeys, Danny glanced at Ryan J. The other man had forgiven them for hitting him with a car, and for stuffing him in the trunk after he had heard how their day had gone. Smiling, Danny nodded his head at him as the other man walked past them to talk to someone else.

“So how much have you had to drink tonight?”

Joey grumpily looked up at Danny and fixed him with a stern look, “I haven’t had one drink, thank you very much. I’m going to make sure I don’t run anyone over this time.”

Danny laughed and let Joey go. Watching the other leave, he couldn’t regret that one night. Full of all of its terrible events, it had brought him and Joey together.

 Shaking his head, he followed Joey out. He just wanted to make sure no one was behind the car, just in case.



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