Bloodied Up (_matriculated) wrote in rareslashpairs,
Bloodied Up

The Resurrection of Matthew Thomas Skiba

Title: The Resurrection of Matthew Thomas Skiba
Rating: pg-13?
Pairing: Gerard Way/Matt Skiba (Alkaline Trio)
Summary: It's really difficult to go on a coffee date in a world where the lines of "comic book reality" and actual reality are starting to get really blurry.
Warnings: Language and some gore.
Author's Notes: There's definitely slight hints of a Misfits influence. Points if you get the other geeky references. Special thanks to my beta, without whom, this most definitely would not even exist.

It looked nothing at all like he would have imagined it would. Nothing like in the movies. For one thing, there was no blood, which he found rather odd considering the guy had just fallen from a few stories.
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