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Pretty, Vacant

Of Condensation and Sunstroke (Bob Bryar/Brian Schechter)

Title: Of Condensation and Sunstroke (Or Heat Exhaustion)
Author: detroit_detroit
Pairing: Bob/Brian
Rating: PG-13
POV: 3rd person, Brian centric
Summary: Brian plans a trip to the zoo, and Bob is bitchy.
Word Count: 2,346
Disclaimer: I do not own any of this. I do not know any of this happened.
Warnings: Excessive swearing.
Author's Notes: The layout and animals in the Detroit Zoo are probably nothing like I have in this story. I have no idea. I've actually never been there. So. Apologies for inconsistencies. Also, thanks a bunch to blck_cherry who gave me to words to write this fic.
Also, the song that was playing continuously as I wrote this is Hollow Point Sniper Hyperbole by USS. I think it seems more to me like a Summer song than anyone else because I heard it and fell in love with it during last Summer. But, if you want to listen while reading, it's there for you to download.

Of Condensation and Sunstroke

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