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_/!mmYs h4xx0r 5t0ri3s [1/1] Jimmy Urine/various

Title: _/!mmYs h4xx0r 5t0ri3s
Bands: Mindless Self Indulgence, My Chemical Romance, Panic at the Disco, Cobra Starship
Pairing: Jimmy Urine: /Gerard, /Gabe, /Pete, /Brendon, /Gabe/Mikey
Author: tardcud and synthvirus
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: We own nothing and this never happened, as we all know.
Warnings: Nothing much, just sex. Quite a lot of pr0n, actually.
Summary: Jimmy is cursed. Hotness ensues.
A/N: I wanted a Jimmy Urine fic, Christine promised to write. Unfortunately Christine sucked too much to ever start, so I helped her with the beginning. Which eventually turned out with Christine writing the sex, I the rest. Just because we are awesome like that.
Also very much thanks to mcrnut for betaing. Amalie is the most awesome you can ever put into a person. All remaining mistakes are our own.

Also, we had lots of trouble actually finding anywhere to post this, but I guess it's okay for us to post it here. Fics containing Jimmy Urine are, after all, not very common all over the web.
I'm very sorry if I did anything wrong, but it's the first time I'm ever posting to this community so yeah.
[You'll find it here]
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